Q. What is PR?   

A. Public Relations (aka PR) is the act of connecting and building a relationship with your audience, in aid of a cause, movement or enterprise. At FP Comms, we are focused on ensuring that we working with businesses that want to have an honest and authentic relationship with their customers.


Q. How does PR help a business?

A. In short PR is the engine behind your marketing. It can help or hinder how hard your marketing works for the benefit of your cause, movement or enterprise.


Q. What is Marketing With Love Digital?

 A. Marketing With Love Digital (MWL Digital) is an online portal to help people understand PR and deliver effective and powerful PR campaigns. For more information visit - What is MWL Digital?


Q. What is the Fire PR Club?

A. The Fire PR Club is a private club for entrepreneurial individuals who are growing and developing their business and are looking for the best and most comprehensive resource to help achieve greater PR success. For more information visit - The Fire PR Club 


Q. Why do you charge for events? (This is not a faq, but it has been asked)

A. FP Comms (which runs Marketing With Love Digital) is an accredited Living Wage employer and is dedicated to ensuring all stakeholders receive fair payment for the service they provide.  


Q. How do I manage to attract journalists to write and promote my service and products?

A. Attracting the correct journalists takes time, patience and effective communication


Q. How many pieces of coverage should I expect in one month?

A. We can never guarantee that you will be featured within a publication, as editorial control is down to the editor.

There are occasions when a journalist could decide that they are unable to include you in a story. This could be due to; not being suitable for the story, or too many responses. At FP Comms on average we anticipate 3 to 5 pitches per month, this can reap results of between two piece of coverage per month - over 12 months. If we are working on a specific campaign then coverage can vary dramatically from between 10 – 20 pieces of coverage per month.


Q. What is the difference between a PR opportunity and a result?

A. A PR opportunity: is a suitable request or interview, you have completed.

The result is the successful coverage achieved, which you can see and share online, read in print or hear/see on radio, TV.


Q. Do I have to communicate with the journalists?

A. At FP Comms, we help our clients prepare for their interviews. However, there are times when a written response is needed; in those instances, we send the questions to the client to complete. Once the client has responded, we check and amend as appropriate. If however, the client does not have the time to respond to the journalist’s questions, we have writers available (at an additional fee) to complete the questions and return them to the client for sign off.


Q. How long does it take between speaking to a journalist and seeing the results?

A. When our clients are fortunate to be included in a publication, the response time of publication can be between a few hours to months. The longest wait time we have seen between the interview and coverage has been 6 months. The length of time can be determined by so many factors, from the communication platform used (print, radio, TV) to editorial control. The news cycle can also have a determining factor. If something more important comes along, then our client’s story may be pushed back.


Q. How long does it take to achieve mainstream coverage?

A. Mainstream coverage can often take 12 to 18 months to achieve on average/consistently. PR is all about building a reputation with the journalists and with their audience.

However, we can build those relationships through working with and connecting with Bloggers, Vloggers, Influencers, news platforms, trade press, local press and periodicals to:

  • Increase our client’s profile
  • Connect with client’s audience
  • Build the SEO of our client’s business
  • Attract the mainstream press


Q. What makes a perfect client for PR?

A. Patience, tenacity and focus. Understanding what it takes time for a journalist to research, write and achieve editorial approval for a story to be published. Clients feel that it is a five-minute thing. NO. It can take weeks and even months for a story to go live. Also, we have seen that the tenacity of clients who embrace interviews and consistently tell their story as many times as it is necessary so they are the most successful to connect with and engage their customer base.

Finally, many businesses have the urge to share everything. This can be confusing to the journalist and the reader. Stay focused on one topic at a time within any single interview.