About Me

Hello, I am Nicola. I am the founder of FP Comms, Marketing With Love Digital and The Fire PR Club.

I am an ethical, small & growing business Marketing Maven. Using PR to promote the Determined, the Rule-Breaker, the System-Disrupter, the Revolutionary & importantly, the Creative. This is why I have coined the term #marketingwithlove

I am also an advocate and promoter for the Living Wage and believe in the positive change good businesses can make in our society.


More about me and why did I create this platform?

Twenty years experienced Public Relations professional, I am keen to connect with entrepreneurs, startups and business owners who have a desire to build businesses that make a difference in the world.

My role as a marketing maven means that I use Public Relations to promote the Determined, the Rule-Breaker, the System-Disrupter, the Revolutionary & importantly, the Creative and I see these as the CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Founders, Directors and Legacy Builders, who are tackling issues head-on and with an absolute passion and enthusiasm.

Over the past 20 plus years, I have dedicated and focused my skills and expertise on supporting small and growing businesses, which have a legacy mentality at the heart of what they do and why they do it.

Through my skills, I help to prepare, nurture & protect, and rebuild entrepreneurs, startups and business owner's relationships with all of their stakeholders; providing them with the tools to help build the business and deliver the service they want to create.

My work focuses on building a business owner's public relations, confidence, knowledge and experience to successfully create and deliver public relations strategies that help build lucrative businesses.

With over 20 years of experience and a passion for the power of public relations, I am skilled at combining traditional PR techniques with modern-day PR platforms and tools. My skills help CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Founders, Directors and Legacy Builders at all levels.

My company, FP Comms is also a #Livingwage employer and my goal is to demonstrate that conscious capitalism is both beneficial to the bottom line as well as the economy at large.

My long term relationships with clients and consistent results enable me to provide the answers to the questions many business owners ask about public relations,

I have worked with a significant number of established organisations, Local Authorities, BIDS and Business Hubs, delivering: services, bespoke products; presentations, seminars and workshops, resulting in many of their attendees taking action and going on to having flourishing businesses. I am also co-founder of the radio show - All In My Business on East London Radio, where four years I interviewed CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Founders and Directors.

My company's services cater to all who are seeking public relations access and understanding. From our core, FP Comms' services that offer the established founder who requires a professional, efficient and effective agency, to the entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses who don't have the budget to hire in help with their media relations, through their Fire PR Club. #FirePRClub #MarketingWithLoveDigital #FPComms

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