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Heart-driven pr is a distinct approach to public relations that focuses on heart-centered communication. This type of PR is about more than just promoting your products or services - it's about connecting with your audience on a deeper level and creating a relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

Heart-driven PR is a sophisticated but subtle approach to public relations that considers all aspects of public relations, placing people first, while at the same time assessing the environmental and social consequences at the time. It is based on a foundation of human connections and all the connection points, platforms, and moods of communication that go with it, while also considering cutting-edge and contemporary technologies, and analytics.

We are now living in a world of global cultural evolution, transparency of information, and rapid change, while also testing and pushing conventional thinking and behaviors. The challenges and trials of this intergenerational contact are being played out openly and visibly on social media and through human liberty (my right to say and do what I want). Legacy, on the other hand, is historically sustained and able to survive through heart-based thinking and communication that protects, serves, and adds value to people’s lives.

My question, and please feel free to comment below:

Does this make sense to you?



A note from Nicola 

"I'm well aware that not everyone will get or appreciate my work. However, I am certain in my convictions that promoting and assisting the growth of excellent enterprises throughout the world is critical to both our economic and social prosperity.

Entrepreneurs and enterprises have a particularly important role to play in the development of a better world, and it is critical that great companies are encouraged and assisted in doing so."