How to ensure that your PR leaves a lasting memory


On 14th July 2022, I was invited to be a guest speaker at the inaugural UK Black Business Entrepreneurs conference.  As FP Comms was heading up the PR and managaing all of the communication we had a birdseye view of the level of attendance we could expect, but the experience was above and beyond our expectations and we have set the levels high.

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However, I briefly wanted to highlight to you the importance of leaving a lasting memory when you are doing public speaking. 

If you ever doing a speech or hosting an event, you will frequently hear people say this 'If there is nothing else you remember, remember this ...." or some version of that. This is so they want you to hook into something.

But, there is another little trick to also help those that are introverted or not a 'natural' public speaker - use a creative skill and leave your guests with a memorable moment. 

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