How I used my desire and determination to grow my business over 15 years


My mantra is, ‘I rather have tried and failed than live a life of regret’

I proved the naysayers wrong!

FP Comms is here after 15 years because I BELIEVED wholeheartedly in what I could do. When I restarted, I was a mother of two.  I knew my craft and what I could do but I was no business guru or expert.

  • I remember clearly when I walked out of my job in tears because the frustration was too much. I decided that my survival needed me to take the leap. Although I was afraid; I knew if I did not leave, I was going to lose my mind
  • I still remember when family and friends thought I was irresponsible and had a pipedream
  • I still remember when I first thought that the simple idea of Flexi PR, and a PR club were too simple for success

But I started regardless of those fears because I stopped believing the lies I would tell myself. Fundamentally, I knew that the pain of regret was greater than not trying. 

I perceive myself as an introverted individual with extrovert tendencies.   This means that my thoughts dance around sayings like:

  • Others are doing it already
  • I am not a well-known expert
  • You do not have a large social media following,
  • My favourite negative self talk ‘wait until the right time’
  • You are not good enough
  • You have to act responsibly

The truth is I just wanted to be happy, fulfilled, and do what I do best.  At the same time contribute something positive to society, feed my family, and support others to do the same.

Looking back to when I started over 15 years ago, I was living a partial existence.  I had a fire inside of me to do extra for myself, I needed my cup to be overflowing, and at that time it was just about full.  I wanted more and believed I deserved more. Yes, I wanted to make a living - but I also wanted to live, I needed to live.

So, it was with that determination in mind, that I restarted my journey and got down to business.


I know relationships are key to all levels of success and I wanted to hit a profit margin of £118,800 per year (for me this is achievable).  To start I needed to build my confidence so I took a few steps:

  • I sent handwritten letters to potential clients. This got my confidence up and the ball rolling
  • Because of my years of experience in my sector, I decided to provide an alternative to the retainer base model for press coverage and offer a Flexi PR model where people subscribe and pay by results
  • I also started to network more

But the game-changer for me was when I invested in two mentors.  I realised I knew PR and its impact on business, but I was not an expert at business, especially since I wanted to take my company to the next level. I wanted to grow. 

  • I needed insights
  • I needed expert advice
  • I needed challenging



The image above  illustrates growth over the last year


And all those free courses and sessions got me to where I was, but I had not yet achieved my goal. I started to envision a less stressful way to create and grow my company because I didn’t want to

  • Struggle with things that took too much of my time outside of building FP Comms
  • I wanted to focus on the business and not struggle in the business
  • I wanted to live a full life, not trade one hardship for another

So, I invested in myself and FP Comms!


Which led to a very quick upturn in sales and growth.  FP Comms began to become the business I dreamed it would

  • A business that provided confidence to business owners and entrepreneurs to communicate their services and products expertly
  • A business that impacted equity equality and helped business owners and entrepreneurs hit their financial targets
  • A business that allowed business owners and entrepreneurs to dream and grow bigger and better
  • A business that allowed business owners and entrepreneurs to have high-level conversations
  • A business that allowed business owners and entrepreneurs to think about ways to receive investment into their business
  • A business that worked for all business owners and entrepreneurs who were too busy to understand PR and the impact it could have on their business growth

I have gone through two economic downturns and a pandemic.  The first thing in any business to go during those times are PR and marketing.  But here we are and so are our clients. 


FP Comms is changing lives. FP Comms is helping people. We have weathered several storms and we are still here and so are our clients.

  • When clients need to know how to increase their awareness, they come to us
  • When clients want to know if their communication is on track, they come to us
  • When clients have a challenging social media or publicity issue, they come to us

On average our clients stay with us for 6 years and often return for additional services.

My point is this, if I had not overcome all of those fears, doubts, and naysayers, I would not have been in a position to help, support, nurture and grow.


My recommendation to you is this – DO IT!  Start that business and try. I recommend that you:

  • Do it for yourself
  • Do it for your peace of mind
  • Do it because of the fire inside of you
  • Do it because you can make a difference to lives
  • Do it because it makes you happy


I, We, and all of the FP Comms, Marketing With Love Digital, and Fire PR Club community are cheering you on. 


Freedom may not be free, but it is freeing!

You are invited to join the Fire PR Club for the support and growth you need in your business.


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